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Consulting Firm LLC would like to support your organization by assessing and improving your company’s culture and business processes. We are here to provide you with the essential tools to help your team succeed and go to the next level. Lets work together to achieve your company’s mission, set goals, and reach them.

Dr. Adame offers business/career/leadership/professional consultations, one-on-one or group sessions, trainings, and workshops.

We look forward to working with you to maximize your organization’s business practices and optimize efficiency. Other services including strategic planning, program evaluation, lean analysis, recommendations, workshops/trainings for professional development, and organizational improvement proposals.

Services are offered in English and Spanish


What we do

Offer Programs in:

Career Success, Community Engagement, Customer Service, Empowerment, Goal Setting, Leadership, Lean Management, Mentoring, Motivation, Organizational Improvement, Team Building, Time Management, and More

Career Success

What is career success?

Be ready and have the necessary soft skills

How to be successful in the workplace

Difference in accomplishments and career success

Invest in yourself

Having a plan



Community Engagement

Share strategic approach to community engagement and participation

Learn steps to build and nurture your relationships with your community

Building strong and meaningful relationships with  your customers/coworkers/ community

Giving back

Focus on Your Strengths

Focus on your strengths not your weaknesses

Developing your strengths

Focus on the positive

Being and setting the example





Goal Setting

What is goal setting and how to achieve goals

The steps in goal setting

Having the right mindset to meet goals

Guidelines and the approach in achieving goals

Personal and career goals




Learn about the essential skills to succeed

Difference between a manager and a leader

Leadership and management programs

Professional development for managers and employees

The qualities and the soft skills

The integral leader

Essential qualities of a leader


Love Yourself

Why loving yourself is important

How to practice self love

Self esteem and the mindset

The little things do matter, the process

Happy and healthy relationships

Be kind to yourself and give yourself credit

Positive affirmations and their impact



Purpose is to work with an organization or individual to facilitate guidelines formal or informal for mentoring

Share tactics and leave structures in place that will sustain after program is complete

Learn how to involve others into the mentoring mindset

Finding a mentor and being a mentor

Organizational Improvement

Strategic planning

Ways to improve productivity

Cost saving tactics

Transform your organization 

Leading by example

Increasing profits

Muda; waste reduction

Lean process thinking

Soft Skills

What are soft skills and why do I need them?

Top 10 essential soft skills

Mastering soft skills for success

Train your mindset, transform your organization


STEM Programs

Girls can do STEM also

STEM can be for everyone



Which STEM program should I choose?





Time Mangement

Time management tips

Finding your time wasters

Time management skills and tactics

Having a clear focus

Using your calendar and timers



Team Building

Enhance collaboration and output

Learn, practice and improve your teaming skills

Establish better communication, improve morale, and productivity

Effective communication and problem solving skills

Management techniques and efficiency improvement


Thankful and Grateful

Choose to be thankful and grateful

Your smile is your best accessory

Having a positive mindset

Make gratitude a daily habit

Appreciate your team



Youth Talks

Why am I important?

I do matter

The importance of role models

Self respect, self love and those around me

My life, my purpose, and my legacy

Finding my passion and purpose


And More

Custom made to meet your needs:

Customer Service Talks



Lean recommendations

Strategic planning

Leading collaboration

Paving partnerships




Persistence in Adversity Page

Persistence in Adversity Foundation

Community Engagement
Increase Collaboration

Community Engagement

Sponsor an episode

Persistence in Adversity Podcast' 

Who We Are

Highly qualified and motivated professionals

Dr. Esmeralda Adame is a strong advocate of community engagement, professional development, collaboration, and lifting others up! For many years she has mentored, encouraged, assisted, and spoken positivity into many lives. She then decided to to start her consulting business and impact more people and organizations in 2020. Since then, Dr. Adame has been equipping companies and individuals with the necessary skills to move forward and do what they love!


-Certificate in Drafting and Design
-Associates in Christian Education
-Associates in Engineering
-Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
-Master's in Business Administration
-Doctorate in Educational Leadership
-John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer & Coach


  • First generation college student
  • Bilingual
  • Faculty of the Year, 2019
  • President of the PSJA Advisory Committee, since 2021
  • Women of Distinction, 2022, by the RGV Hispanic Chamber
  • Women of Distinction Award, 2022, by the Texas Association of Mexican American Chamber of Commerce (TAMACC)
  • Latinas in Progress Madrina for the Hispanic Women Network of Texas


Awards & Community Engagement

Dr. Adame has received numerous of awards and recognitions as well as the opportunity to impact thousands of people through presentations, mentoring and speaking engagements.

Dr. Adame is an active member of her community and gives back tremendously.  Some of the organizations she's involved in are:

Hispanic Women Network of Texas (HWNT) 

RGV Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Mission Economic Development Chamber

Persistence in Adversity Foundation




Engineer - Leader - Motivator - Educator - Manager   Podcaster - Mother - Mentor - Contractor - Consultant -  Entrepreneur  Role Model - Bilingual - Speaker  - Leading Collaboration

Dr. Adame's  industry experience is in design, working for an Engineering and an Architectural firm and also possesses construction experience which add up to over 12 years.  Business Entrepreneur is also on her resume adding to consulting and business planning.

She also has over 18 years of teaching experience, including face to face, hybrid, lab and online courses. Dr. Adame's teaching realm is vast and covers areas in Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Welding, Organizational Leadership, and Technology Management. 

She holds years of leadership knowledge as well as grant writing. She has founded and led various recruiting and marketing efforts including some with focus in increasing females in non-traditional careers.

Dr. Adame’s research and passion is persistence in STEM, exposing the diversity of career opportunities and the importance of soft skills, networking, and giving back. She also serves in various local, state and national boards, and organizations.  She has lead many initiatives that have paved opportunities for scholarships. Dr. Adame’s passion to give back is evident and is seen in the vast number of boards, committees, initiatives and civic service events she has led, founded, and participated in. 

Dr. Adame also holds operation and business management experience in manufacturing.  She also has gained years of knowledge in the marketing area and event planning in numerous sectors.


The Why

Dr. Adame's heart is in the community and in those looking to improve, grow professionally, and personally. She knows her purpose is to mentor, guide, lead others to advance, and be an example for others to find their purpose. She mentors and volunteers her time in all age groups and at diverse capacities as a mother, professor, engineer, Sunday school teacher, and others. Her desire to be a role model led her to become a Podcaster. She is the founder and host of the Persistence in Adversity Podcast with Dr. Adame. In the Podcast she shares people’s stories of challenges and adversities and how regardless of roadblocks people persist to reach their goals. Her hunger to bless others doesn’t have a limit. She recently founded the Persistence in Adversity Foundation. Dr. Adame’s drive to spread the warmth is apparent and she wants to support those in need, spread hope to those facing adversities, and provide aid to those willing to persist while reaching their purpose! 

"One of my passions is to assist others to advance and pave a better future for themselves and their loved ones; because I've had nothing I know that hard work, dedication and ganas will get you where you want to go. I've been blessed, I want to bless others.

I believe in working so hard until I don't have to introduce myself and letting my work speak for me!"

                                                                  -Dr. Esmeralda Adame




Entrepreneur & Business Owner, dip it by Pilar

"Esmeralda Adame is more than a mentor, she's a friend and a true asset to our business!  She is excellent, reliable and very professional. She has helped us look at our continuous improvement with other eyes, the eyes of efficiency, achievement and success." 

Lizzy De La Garza Putegnat

Accounts Executive, Schneider Electric

Persistence in Adversity has created a platform where people can go to gain knowledge, insight, advice, and encouragement. I was honored to be a speaker for her podcast and help spread awareness of child abuse as well as the warning signs and the various resources available to help victims of child abuse recover and heal. Dr. Adame and her guest speakers are always ready to offer words of encouragement and motivation to people in need. I commend her diligent efforts in creating awareness about difficult topics and opening the lines of communication to educate the community and help those that may be suffering in silence.

Nancy Villareal

Mission CISD Family & Community Engagement Coordinator

"It has been a wonderful and enlightening experience to have had Dr. Esmeralda Adame share her wisdom with the families of Mission CISD"

Jorge Sanchez

Vice President of Business Development and Start-ups, McAllen Chamber of Commerce

"Esmeralda gave an amazing presentation on “How To Achieve Goals Faster”. Her preparedness on the topic was on point. Her delivery was so entertaining that kept every single attendee on their seat for over 2 hours. The energetic delivery and engagement with the participants is what distinguishes Esmeralda from anybody else. We will be calling her for more seminars like this."

Samantha Salazar

Manufacturing Technician & Administrator

"Being her student, I'm amazed by her accomplishments that have made her a successful mother, professor and assistant dean. Being her pupil I have witnessed her evolution and journey to reach her doctorate degree and being a fruitful mentor not only for myself but many females in our community. Seeing her life success and now listening to her podcast has only inspired me even more to strive for the best in my life as well. I beyond commend her diligence, the "si se puede" attitude, and her  inspiration in all she does."

Gerardo Paz

Chief Executive Officer, South Texas Federal Credit Union

"When we hear her speak, we feel optimistic and motivated to improve our lives. Dr. Adame has delivered many different keynote speeches at our monthly team meetings.

Fatima Garcia

Operations Manager

" Everybody has that one person in their life that they admire. Mine is Dr. Adame. She is kind, she is friendly, she is generous and considerate. She is humble and ethical. She is always willing to help and in everything she does, she keeps in mind the people around her as well. She takes active parts in the community initiatives intended to help and improve the lives of others. She always creates time to be there for people who need her help professionally and personally. She is not one in a million because everyone is, she is a million in one. I admired Dr. Adame for who she is and the way she touches people's lives along her path."

Helotes Chamber

Chamber Board of Directors

"It was a tremendous honor to hear the moving presentation on Lead and Lime from Dr. Adame.  The Helotes Area Chamber of Commerce held a sold-out luncheon with almost 60 attendees at the Embassy Suites Landmark. Everyone was impressed by the way Dr. Adame was able to connect and captivate the audience. Post event, we heard nothing but great feedback, and we hope to have her return by popular demand. Thank you for your words, inspiration, and all you do for our future leaders. We all took so much from the short time we were with her, and our community is honored to have movers and shakers that exist like Dr. Adame. THANK YOU!!!"

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